St. Aloysius Church Window Restored

A stained glass window from the former St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Baring has been restored. Lois Hunziker proposed this project after purchasing the window when the church was being torn down. She wanted it revamped so that it could easily be on display in the Baring Community Center. She contacted Mr. Green, the Industrial Arts teacher at Knox County, to see if a student was willing to take it on, and there were a few ready for the task.

Church member Collin Hays and other Knox County High School students Austin Heath, Robert Dooley, Mitchell Mauck, Krayden Hamlin, and Reice Miller worked on the project. They added depth to the back of the frame so they could install LED lights to illuminate the glass. They also built a base allowing Teresa Hunolt to lean the window back and store it in a closet if needed. In addition, they used the old window weights for a counterbalance on the bottom and enclosed them in the white box.

Pictured above: Krayden Hamlin, Robert Dooley, Collin Hayes, and Reice Miller

Photo & Info from Rich Green